About The Studio

I bet that if you asked 5 photographers how they became photographers you would get 5 different answers!  Very few photographers that I know started out their professional life as a photographer!  My story is much the same.  I graduated with an Associates Degree from Allegany College of Maryland in Media Technology.  I thought I would be a graphic designer or possibly work in television.  One of my favorite classes was a television production class and one of my favorite projects was directing a news broadcast.  Well here I am, many years later- a photographer! 


The joy and satisfaction that I get from this profession is immense.  I get to see families begin, and children grow, and seniors graduate, and couples celebrate 50th anniversaries!  What a blessing to do this job!


My thanks to all of you that I have worked with, and to those I haven't worked with yet, I am looking forward to it!